What is Digital Marketing in 2011 | Why is Most Important in2022

In this article we try to understand that What is Digital Marketing in 2011 | Why is Most Important in2022 so lats start

The first approaches to digital marketing defined it as a projection of conventional marketing, its tools and strategies, on Internet. However, the particularities of the digital world and its appropriation for marketing have fostered the development of channels, formats and languages that have led to tools and strategies that are
unthinkable offline.

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Today, rather than a subtype of conventional marketing, digital marketing has become a new phenomenon that brings together customisation and mass distribu-tion to accomplish marketing goals.

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Technological convergence and the multipli-cation of devices have led to an opening up of the ways in which we thinking about marketing in Internet and have pushed the boundaries towards a new concept of digital marketing user-centred, more measurable, ubiquitous and interactive.

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The development digital marketing strategies offer much potential for brands and organisations. Some of them are as follows and try to understand What is Digital Marketing in 2021:-

Branding. Platforms and 2.0 services are a great opportunity to build a brand
image on the Web due to their scope, presence and constant updates.

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Completeness:- . The possibilities to disseminate information through links offer
consumers the chance to approach the organisation in a wider and customised

Visible Communication with Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing isometric concept. Connected line 3d icons. Integrated circle infographic design system. Viral content, E-mail, website symbol. Mobile AD, Social Media analysis, SEO pictogram

• Usability:– functionality. Web 2.0 offers simple and user-friendly platforms for
all in order to improve user experience and allow for their activities.

• Interactivity:- . In the context in which organisations try to forge long-term
relationships with their audiences, Internet offers the possibility of having a
conversation and therefore of generating a positive experience with the brand.
Such interactivity can be basic, as product assessment, or become an
all-encompassing experience.

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• Visual communication:- . In line with visual thinking, digital marketing offers
marketers different image- and video-based tools. This is an attractive way of
reaching audiences that can lead to greater engagement.

Visible Communication with Digital Marketing
Visible Communication with Digital Marketing

Relevant advertising.:-  Easy segmentation and customisation of advertising in
Internet maximise the output. Besides, free from the limitations of other media,
this environment has allowed for more attractive advertising.

Relative advertisement With Digital Marketing Images free
Relative advertisement With Digital Marketing Images free

• Community connections:-. Internet is a unique opportunity to connect organisa-
tions with their audiences and users among themselves. This connectivity can
improve their experience and enhance the relationship with the product, brand or

• Virality.:-  The essence of Internet as a Web of interconnected nodes makes
exponential expansion of any content possible. Taking the model of WOM
(word of mouth) communication, viral communication becomes more relevant
due to connectivity, instantness and shareability of online platformsProumeah platforms that
enhance the dissemination of content.

• Measuring output.:-  Online platforms rank first in the availability of follow-up
options and the possibility to assess output.

In any case, to make the best of all these possibilities, organisations must ensure
that their Internet  or their presence on their different 2.0 channels follows a strategy with concrete goals, in line with their brand or organisational image.

Being on the Web without proper planning can not only mean a lost opportunity in terms of resources and potential, but also it can indeed have a negative impact on the organisation, as the audience, their needs and perceptions regarding the organisa-tion are unknown.

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