B Helix Brand Matrix Plan kya hai

B Helix Brand kya hai

What is B Helix Brand so B Helix Brand is a Matrix Concept which Run on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain ) with USDT & BFTC Token. B Helix Brand Plan is 100% Decentralised and 100% Inome DIstribution Matrix Plan so it is safe accourding to its Provider Pdf Details

What is B helix Brand Matrix plan ?

B Helix Brand Matrix Plan

If Your Question is What is B Helix Brand Matrix plan so B helix Brand Matrix Plan is a first Decentralised Matrix Project of Bits Factor (BFTC) in which you can invest and Earn lots of Money with USDT and BFTC. B-Helix Brand Plan is Launched on 15 January 2024 Read More….

Is B helix Brand Safe or Not ?

Yes Because B helix Brand Matrix Plan is 100% Safe and Secure By Binance Smart Chain (BSC) And it’s Smart Contract Verified  . Means All The code of B helix Brand Matrix plan is Deployed On BSC chain and It’s Verified so We say that B helix System is safe and Secure and Smooth.

Why B-Helix is Perfect for Every Earner Leader ?

  1. 100% Decentralised on BSC 
  2. Instant Payout in Trust Wallet 
  3. Auto Distribution No Need Withdrawal
  4. No Admin and No Services Charges
  5. 100% Distribution Plan
  6. Daily Training and LDP on Zoom
  7. Bhelix System Support Team is Very Nice
  8.  Investment in Bhelix is Very Profitable 
  9. Non Working Gurented Income
  10. Can’t Block or Terminate you ID by Admin or any Perticular System management.
  11. No Withdrawal Condition

B Helix All Slots of USDT and BFTC is Given here.

You can Earn 600% Income from Every Slots after then uper Slot Upgradition Compulsory chatr are given

B Helix Brand Income Slot

How Many Benifits on Each Slots and each Non Working ?

On Every Slots everyone can earn upto 600% Working Income and 200% Non-Working Income chart are given bellow ..

SLOT 125.5$150$50$
SLOT 3156.5$939$313$
SLOT 4277.0$1,662$555$
SLOT 5477.5$2,865$NON
SLOT 6728.0$4,368$NON
SLOT 71,078.5$6,471$NON
SLOT 81,579.0$9,474$NON
SLOT 92,379.5$14,277$NON
SLOT 103,580.0$21,480$NON
SLOT 115,080.5$30,483$NON
SLOT 127,581.0$45,486$NON
SLOT 1311,081.5$66,489$NON

All BFTC Slote Invest and Earn

SLOT 11,0106,0602,020
SLOT 35,33031,98010,660
SLOT 49,34056,04018,680
SLOT 515,35092,100NON
SLOT 623,3601,40,160NON
SLOT 733,3702,00,220NON
SLOT 845,3802,72,280NON
SLOT 960,3903,62,340NON
SLOT 1078,4004,70,400NON
SLOT 1199,4105,96,460NON
SLOT 12124,4207,46,520NON
SLOT 13154,4309,26,580NON

How Many Types of Income in B helix Brand Matrix plan?

B Helix Brand Matrix Plan

B helix Brand Matrix Plan have 4 Types of Income which are Given Below 

1) Affiliate Program ( 70% )
2) Royalty Income (10%)
3) Non Working Income (15%)
4) All Slot Achiever Income (5%)

What is Affiliate Program of B helix Brand Matrix plan?

B Helix Brand Matrix Plan

Affiliate Program of B helix Brand means Level income of B helix Brand Matrix plan in which 10th Level Distribution. Every Member can earn affiliate Income from it by Referring His Refer Code or refer ID Affiliate Income of 10th Level Dip( Level income]

Level 145%
Level 27%
Level 35%
Level 44%
Level 52%
Level 62%
Level 72%
Level 81%
Level 91%
Level 101%

Download B-HELIX Plan PDF

What is Royalty Income of B helix Brand Matrix Plan?

Royalty income of B helix Brand Matrix Plan is Very Nice income. This income will be given to those members who will create an active team of 700 in 90 days. The condition is that it is mandatory to have a team of 350 from one leg and 350 from all the other legs together. If the total team will be 700 in this way, then you will become a real estate agent. Become an income achiever and get 10% from global turnover

If you are not able to create a team of 700 in 90 days, then even if you create a team of 1300, you will still become a royalty achiever. To maintain this income, you should do at least a business of $2500 with your team.

What is Non Working Income Of B helix Brand Matrix Plan?

B Helix Brand Matrix Plan
B Helix Brand Matrix Plan Non Working Pic

In B helix Brand Matrix Plan, you can earn income even without working, you just have to invest your money and then automatically your income will start showing daily on your ID. You will get this income up to 200% of your investment amount without any work, like if you invest 100$, your total income will be 200% of this 200$ income. This income of 15% of the business turnover in the entire company in 24 hours will be distributed among all those IDs under which there is not even a single team member.

What is All Slot Achiever Income in B helix Brand Matrix Plan

B Helix Brand Matrix Plan
B Helix Brand Matrix Plan

B-Helix Brand Matrix Plan have 13 Slot of USDT and 13 Slot of BFTC Token। If you Activate your ID with 13 slot then you will Get 5% Income on Company 24 Hours Turn over।

Let us know how to get this income. Let’s know that the total business done in the honorable company in 24 hours is $1 lakh and the number of people achieving total 13 stalls in the company is 20, then 5 percent of the business of 1 lakh is this $5000 which should be equally distributed on all those 20 IDs will go

The best thing is that if you join 13 stalls, that is, you upgrade your stall on your ID, then you will get 5 % every day and always as long as the system runs, as long as people work in this system. Will continue to get 5% income

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B Helix Brand Matrix Plan
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B-Helix Important Questions Answers Given Below

Q.1) What is B-helix Brand
Ans:- B helix Brand is a Decentralised Matrix Project which is work on USDT or BFTC through Referral System

Q.2) Is B helix Safe or secure 
Ans:- Yes It is safe because BSC Verified

Q.3) How Many Types of Income here
Ans:- There are 4 Type of Income

Q.4) How Many Slots Have available here
Ans:- 13 Slot of USDT and 13 Slot of BFTC

Q.5) How much Minimum Joining of B helix
Ans:- 25.5 $ Minimum of USDT Project and 1010 BFTC minimum Joining Fee is In BFTC Project

Q.5) How much Minimum Joining of B helix
Ans:-1) BFTC Plan Smart Contract:-  Coming Soon
2) USDT Plan Smart Contract:–    Coming Soon
3) BFTC Coin Smart Contract:-     0x076c66A6B1aACCec186F1B4B1a8c93d298e31F55
4) B-helix Token Smart Contract:–    Coming Soon

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